Letters from P.S. 24 – Water in Haiti

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Grade 4 students from P.S. 24 learn about solutions to the water crisis in Haiti

Grade 4 students from P.S. 24 have been learning about the water crisis in Haiti after Ms. Guerrero received resources on it at the GCC Fall Open House for Educators.

After studying the issue, students started working on a play script to tell the story about the water crisis but they needed help finding a solution for the ending. Ms. Guerrero invited me to the class to answer some of the students’ questions on water.

I came with photos showing Concern’s programs in Haiti particularly in our work to help increase access to water including constructing wells, repairing water systems, building rainwater cisterns, and using drip irrigation.

Students also got a chance to explore some of the props I brought including MUAC bands (used to measure the malnutrition levels in children under 5), Plumpy’nut (a ready-to-use therapeutic food used to address acute malnutrition in children), water chlorine tablets, and a water jug which was filled and passed around for students to try carrying.

I was delighted to receive letters from each of the grade 4 students after my visit. I can’t wait to visit again in the spring for the play performance and see what the class came up with for the ending! Thanks for having me in your wonderful class, P.S. 24 – I was so impressed with your knowledge and thoughtful questions!

Students loved learning about the MUAC bands and testing them

Thanks for coming to P.S. 24 for sharing about the lack of water and for sharing the stuff to use for those kind of emergencies. And the bucket was pretty heavy for me. – Jonathan

Thanks for coming to our class and showing us the stuff of Haiti. I learned a lot about Haiti, it was fun. I had more fun when we used the MUAC band. I got normal – the color green. I was lucky. Good thing it didn’t past to yellow! Thanks! – Julissa

I love how you let us see all the things that you do for the people in Haiti. I want to do that one day when I grow up. I like to see you helping other people in the world. I think you are going to have a good time helping other people in Haiti. Have a good day with the people in poor countries. – Natalia

We would like to thank you for being kind enough to come and teach us about people in Haiti. I learned a lot about people who don’t have access to clean water. I also learned that there is a MUAC bracelet for you could tell if you are sick or not. If it’s green, you are healthy and if it’s yellow, you are sick and the Concern Worldwide helps so you can get better and if it’s red, it’s a serious situation. The bucket wasn’t heavy but if you had two of them and you were walking for 3 or 4 hours, walking it would be heavy. – Julian

Thank you for coming to our class. You know all about water. You give us a lot of information about water. I hope you come to our play, for you could know how much we have learned. – Marileysi

You knowledge taught us a lot of stuff with our play and growing our mind. – Jonathan

We would like to thank you for coming and sharing a lot of information about bringing the things that helpers use to give medicines to kids. Like the peanut butter and the bracelet showing if you are very sick or if you are healthy. I wish I could help people too. I wish you could come back again. – Juan