Thirsty? World Water Day is this Sunday!

Did you know that today, almost 900 million people do not have access to safe drinking water? That’s 1 in every 8 people!

As population increases, the consumption of water doubles every twenty years. This means that by 2025, at least 3 BILLION people will be living in areas where access to basic water needs will be incredibly difficult.

Check out this map that highlights just a few of the water-related issues faced by people all over the world:




As you can see in the above map, water issues impact all of us, after all, it is essential to life! As the world becomes more populated and fresh water more polluted, being proactive about water issues NOW is the smartest way to ensure a healthy and safe future for all.

So what can YOU do? Well, first you have to know the facts! Here is how much water an average person in the US uses:



Knowing these facts, you can begin to take action!

1. Teach others about the consumption of water – print this information out on colorful paper or post it on social media to make your community aware of their personal use!

2. Begin tackling each of the above components in your personal water use. Start changing your behavior now and encourage others to do the same!

3. Learn more about global water issues through GCC’s resources page and spread the message!

Here’s an image you can post on Facebook or Instagram (@globalconcernsclassroom) to get your message across:




Be proactive! Stay thirsty for knowledge! Take action! Remember: Water is fundamental for life and health and we as humans have the right to clean and safe water so that we can realize our fullest selves! If we don’t fight for our humanity, who will! It all starts with YOU!