GCC 2016 Summits Roundup

Each year, Global Concerns Classroom inspires US high school students to become active global citizens through our rigorous yearlong program.  Tackling a global issue per year, students develop in-depth knowledge on the particular issue and its impact on the lives of people in the developing world. Students learn about global citizenship and why it’s essential that they themselves take meaningful action on the issues as they are integral members of the global community.

12224297_758510874260553_621805543_n(1)In 2015-16, we’ve focused on climate change and its dooming impact on those living in the most vulnerable places in our world. In the fall, our dedicated teachers and student leaders in 29 high schools across NY, IL, and MA worked on six standards-aligned lessons to prepare themselves for our flagship events in each city: the annual Global Youth Summit.

Over the last month, GCC hosted over 200 students and their teachers  across our three program cities. In mixed school groups, each team was assigned a country and tasked with:IMG_20160304_113348

  • Researching the country context
  • Understanding the impact climate change has on people
  • Developing short and long term solutions to climate impact using a $1 million budget

Hearing from  Concern Worldwide US staff, who are experts in food and nutrition, emergency response, and project development, along with some key guidance and direction, students set to work on their challenge and produced some amazing project proposals toward the end of the summit day. Presentations ranged from captivating power points, newscasts, poems, raps, and skits, each informative and innovative.

Concern GC 2-26-16_163Before winners were announced in each city, students received a Community Action Plan (CAP) guide to help them take action on climate change in their own home communities. Their new challenge for the next eight weeks is to take the knowledge and skills they’ve developed over the last seven months and choose to either raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on the world’s most vulnerable people or take direct action by decreasing the global footprint in their own schools, homes, or cities.

We can’t wait to see what amazing projects our talented and creative students will come up with! Tune in late April to find out!

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