Team SJB Bakes a Difference


Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn participating in Concern’s Bake a Difference.

Zakiya Tyehimba is a senior at Saint Jean Baptiste High School in New York City. Her school participated in GCC’s Bake a Difference campaign, which ran from World Food Day on Oct. 16th to Make a Difference Day on Oct. 26th. All proceeds went to support Concern Worldwide‘s health and nutrition programs in the developing world.

As a teenager it is difficult to find a place where I can express my concern for developing countries. It is even more difficult to find a place that can assure me that my money will be put to good use. That is why I joined Global Concerns Classroom, a sector of Concern Worldwide where students can raise money and awareness for the struggles of developing countries.

One of the ways GCC raises money and awareness, is by hosting the Bake A Difference Campaign. Taking part in the Bake A Difference Campaign is a fun way to get teenagers involved in helping developing countries. The main idea of this campaign is to raise as much money as possible by hosting bake sales in the various high schools involved in GCC.

I am part of Team SJB, the St. Jean Baptiste HS chapter of GCC. In total we raised $340.00 for the Bake A Difference Campaign.  We used stickers with GCC statistics and facts on them. We placed these stickers on the juice and napkins at the bake sale to raise awareness in our school. In addition to helping raise money for a good cause, being involved in this campaign helped me develop communication and social skills.

I would proudly encourage others to look into joining in a future Bake A Difference Campaign. Even if your school does not have a GCC club, you could still hold a bake sale and send the money to Concern Worldwide. The feeling of achievement that overcomes you after the campaign is profoundly empowering. I cannot wait to take part in this again!