Earth Week 2017

Happy Earth Week from Global Concern’s Classroom! This year, the theme set by the Earth Day Network is Environmental & Climate Literacy. With Earth Day being tomorrow, we at GCC hope to provide you with the resources you need to become environmental and climate literate!

If you want a detailed description of how climate change effects the poorest communities in the world, download GCC’s Climate Change Global Issue Guide.

If you want to participate in an Earth Day Teach-in and teach your peers and community about climate change, download GCC’s Climate Change unit plan here for activity ideas.

If you would like to read some Concern Impact stories about real people suffering the effects of climate change, read these stories about El Nino’s affect in Southern Africa:

Still want to do more? Educate your peers by sharing a Concern Impact story on Facebook and Twitter with the #RiskToResilience. You can also tweet Your Earth Day Story, by posting a photo that represents why you love Earth Day and want to work against climate change. Share your photo with #GCCEarthDay and you may be retweeted by Concern Worldwide!