Global Youth Summit 2015 Recap – Chicago, NYC, Boston

Over the last month, Global Concerns Classroom has hosted 3 Youth Summits on the theme Innovations in Global Health in Chicago, NYC, and Boston.

With sleep still in their eyes, some traveling upwards of TWO HOURS on buses to the Summit venues, 60-100 students in each location were divided into groups and given the following detailed instructions:

1. Learn all about your assigned country

2. Understand the prevalent health issues within your country and the challenges to overcoming them

3. Develop an innovative health solution using a 1 million USD budget

4. Present your project to fellow students and a panel of judges

Easy, right?! Here’s the catch: students had only 2 hours to research and prep for their entire project proposals!

After an inspiring and informative presentation from  real life humanitarian workers, Katie Waller and Jahera Otieno, student groups set in motion for an intense research session. With just a few minutes of presentation time, students delivered incredible content, speaking in front of the whole group with poise and precision, not to mention proposing some of the most innovative solutions the expert judging panelists had ever encountered!

Here are some clever project proposals from all 3 cities:

South Sudan – Sanitation Education

Syria-Lebanon – The Health Crisis

Liberia – Malaria in Monrovia

Ethiopia – Contextualized 

Thank you to all dedicated educators and students who took the opportunity to learn more, take action, and pass on the message during our Summit season! Here’s a trip down memory lane from all three cities – be sure to click through the photos! See you all next year!