Inspiring Youth to Become Active Global Citizens

Concern believes that fighting poverty is the responsibility of all global citizens and that youth have a critical role to play. Through dynamic school resources and student-driven activities, Concern seeks to raise awareness of current international humanitarian issues in U.S. youth and to empower them to take meaningful action.

Our Approach

Concern’s educational materials are designed to inform students about the multiple perspectives that define complex global issues with an emphasis on the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Concern does not promote one way of thinking, but emphasizes critical thinking, debate and analysis, and informed action. Concern instills in students the 21st-century knowledge and capacities needed to be engaged global citizens and leaders for a better future.


Ultimately, Concern seeks to cultivate globally concerned youth who understand global inequalities, recognize the interconnectedness of all people, and take informed action towards a world without extreme poverty.

Take Action

Learn about ways that your school can take action to fight global poverty!